The archive page is where you can find all the past projects of my computer repair service.
It showcases the quality and variety of my work, as well as the satisfaction of my customers. Each entry in the archive contains a video and a description of the job done, as well as the customer feedback and rating. The video shows you how I fixed the computer, step by step, and the description summarizes the problem and the solution.

The customer feedback and rating give you an idea of how happy the customer was with the result.

The archive page is a great way to learn more about my computer repair service and what I can do for you. Whether you need a hardware replacement, a virus removal, a performance upgrade, or any other computer issue, you can trust me to deliver a fast, professional, and friendly service.

You can also see how I keep up with the latest technology and trends in the computer industry, and how I use the best tools and techniques to fix any computer problem. The archive page is not only a portfolio of my work, but also a resource for computer enthusiasts and learners.

You can watch the videos and read the descriptions to get some tips and tricks on how to maintain and improve your own computer. You can also ask me any questions or comments you have about the archive or the computer repair service, and I will be happy to answer them. The archive page is updated regularly with new projects and videos, so make sure to check it often to see what I’ve been working on lately.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the archive and watching the videos, and I hope to hear from you soon if you need any computer repair. Thank you for visiting my archive page.

HP Omen 15-dc0001nl Refreshness

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What I’ve done:
  • Unscrew everything around the needed area and removed the battery.
  • General clean the fans and inside with compressed air.
  • Cleaned with Isopropyl Alchol the old and dry Thermal Paste from CPU and GPU.
  • Added the new Thermal Paste Premium Performance.
  • Replaced the old Memory Ram and add the new 2x16gb Crucial DDR4.
  • Closing up everything and tested.

HP ProBook 6560b Upgrade

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What I’ve done:
  • Adviced the customer on the Hardware to buy to boost up the laptop performances.
  • Deep clean internal and external.
  • Replacement of HD to SSD.
  • Replacement of RAM memory.
  • Formatted and Reinstalled Win10.
  • Updated all the Drivers.
  • Returned to Customer.
Job done in less than 24h.


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